Kits for Life Science Research

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Cell Based AssayOxidative Stress AssayLabeling ChemistrySulfur ChemistrySurface ChemistryACE Inhibition AssayIgG PurificationOther
Application Products
Measure the Cell Proliferation or CytotoxicityCell Counting Kit Series
Separately Stain Living and Dead Cells-Cellstain- Double Staining Kit
Measure the Bacterial ActivityMicrobial Viability Assay Kit-WST
Stain Bacterial Cells-Bacstain- CTC Rapid Staining Kit (for Flow cytometry)
Transfect DNA to Mammalian and Insect CellsHilyMax
Enhance reliability of data on plate assayCell Count Normalization Kit
Application Products
Measure the SOD ActivitySOD Assay Kit-WST
Measure the Total GlutathioneTotal Glutathione Quantification Kit
Measure GSSG/GSH ratioGSSG/GSH Quantification Kit
Measure the DNA DamagingDNA Damage Quantification Kit
Detect Lipid PeroxideLiperfluo – 1 set (50 ug x 5)
Detect Lipid PeroxideMitoPeDPP – 1 set (5 ug x 3)
Application Products
Label Fluorophore to IgG or ProteinFluorophore Labeling Kit
Label Enzyme to IgG or ProteinEnzyme Labeling Kit
Label Biotin to IgG or ProteinBiotin Labeling Kit
Application Products
Monitor Redox State of Proteins in Biological SamplesProtein Redox State Monitoring Kit
Protein Redox State Monitoring Kit Plus
Sulfane Sulfur DonorsSodium polysulfide Set (Na2S2, Na2S3, Na2S4)
Application Products
Immobilize of Protein or Peptide to COOH GroupsAmine Coupling Kit (2ml x 4)
Form Biotin-SAM on Gold SurfaceBiotin-SAM Formation Reagent (1umol x 3)
Form Carboxy-SAM on Gold SurfaceCarboxylic acid-SAM Formation reagent (1umol x 3)
Form NTA-SAM on Gold SurfaceNTA-SAM Formation Reagent (2umol x 3)
Measure the ACE Inhibition ActivityACE Kit-WST
Quickly Purify IgGIgG Purification Kit-A
IgG Purification Kit-G
Measure G6PD ActivityG6PD Assay Kit-WST

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