Observe Bacteria from Various Parameters

– Prepare protocol optimized for fluorescence double staining
– Evaluate effect of drug or bacterial conditions using multiple indicators
– Drastically reduce evaluation time

Recommended for People who would like to:
・Start fluorescent staining
・Reduce evaluation time
・Detect damaged or viable but non-culturable bacteria
・Accurately and easily evaluate effect of drug to

ProductSizeProduct CodePrice
-Bacstain- Bacterial Viability Detection Kit-DAPI/PI1 setBS08$200.00
-Bacstain- Bacterial Viability Detection Kit-CTC/DAPI1 setBS09$360.00
-Bacstain- Bacterial Viability Detection Kit-CFDA/PI1 setBS10$360.00

Protocol optimized for double staining

Select parameter for your experiment

-Bacstain- Bacterial Viability Detection Kit series contain all reagents which are required for double staining and allows to observe bacterial conditions using multiple parameters.

Why should we use multiple parameters ?

In the evaluation of effect of antibacterial agents, colony forming unit quantification or multiple staining method with fluorescent dyes are widely used. In recent years, issues such as the appearance of drug-resistant bacteria in infection diseases or food poisoning lead by damaged bacteria are reported. Requirement of antibacterial evaluation using multiple parameters has an increased need to improve the reliability in antibacterial evaluation.

Experimental example

Evaluate Bacteria from Various Parameters

-Bacstain- Bacterial Viability Detection Kit series were utilized to stain staphylococcus aureus.

Quantification using image analysis tool

-Bacstain- Bacterial Viability Detection Kit series were utilized to evaluate the effect of benzalkonium chloride to S. aureus (Gram-positive). The acquired staining image was quantified by image analysis tool and the correlation with the concentration of drug was shown. The different effect of benzalkonium chloride between respiration activity and membrane damage was confimed.

Related Product Information

ProductSizeProduct Code
-Bacstain- CFDA solution100 assaysBS03
-Bacstain- DAPI solution100 assaysBS04
-Bacstain- AO solution100 assaysBS05
-Bacstain- PI solution100 assaysBS07
-Bacstain- CTC Rapid Staining Kit (for Flow cytometry)100 assaysBS01
-Bacstain- CTC Rapid Staining Kit (for Microscopy)100 assaysBS02

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