Ab-10 Rapid Peroxidase Labeling Kit


– Small Quantity of Antibody Requirement : 10 ug Antibody Sample Labeling
– Easy Labeling Procedure : Just Mix Antibody and Labeling Agent
– Rapid Labeling : Less than 30 minutes

Contents of the Kit:

Storage Condition: 0-5ºC
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Required Equipment and Materials
20 µl Microcentrifuge, 37ºC incubator, microtubes, PBS(Phosphate buffered saline)


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Product Description
Ab-10 Rapid Peroxidase Labeling Kit is for labeling peroxidase to 10 µg antibody in less than 30 minutes. Labeling agent included in the kit has succinimidyl ester group , which can easily make a covalent bond with an amino group of the target antibody without any activation process. The kit contains all the necessary reagents for antibody labeling.

Fig. 1 IgG Labeling Reaction of NH2-reactive Peroxidase

Fig. 2 Labeing Procedure

♦ Use 0.5-1 mg/ml of antibody solution for labeling. If the antibody concentration is higher than 1mg/ml, dilute the antibody solution with PBS.
♦ If the sample solution contains small insoluble materials, centrifuge the solution, and use the supernatant for the labeling.
♦ The microtube in this kit contain solutions. Since there is a possibility that the droplets might be attached to the inside walls or caps, please centrifuge to drop the droplets prior to opening.
♦ Some additives in antibody solution may interfere with the labeling if the concentration is too high. The maximum compatible concentrations of such additives are indicated on Table 1.
♦ After a Reactive Peroxidase is removed from the seal bag, keep the unused Reactive Peroxidase in the bag, seal tightly and store at -20ºC. Store the other components at 0-5ºC.
♦ Since reactive reagent binds to an amino group in antibody, there is a possibility that the labeled antibody loses the antigen recognition ability (Table 2).

Table. 1 Compatible concentrations of the additives

Table. 2 Non-Compatible Antibody

Experimental Data

Fig. 3 Microscope Image of Mitochondria in Hela Cells
Peroxidase were to anti-mitochondria antibody using Ab-10 Rapid Peroxidase Labeling Kit (code:LK33)

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