HiLyte Fluor 555 Labeling Kit-NH2


– Only 1 hour to recover conjugates
– All processes in a single filtration tube
– High recovery of conjugates
– Applicable for 50-200 μg IgG

Contents of the Kit:

Storage Condition: 0-5ºC
Shipping Condition: ambient temperature

Required Equipment and Materials
Microcentrifuge, 10 μl and 100-200 μl adjustable pipettes, 37ºC incubator, 0.5 ml microtubes, DMSO

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Product Description
HiLyte Fluor* 555 Labeling Kit-NH2 is used mainly for the preparation of red fluorescence-labeled proteins, such as IgG, for immunostaining, and cellular proteins for tracing. NH2-reactive HiLyteFluor 555, a component of this kit, has a succinimidyl group (NHS) that reacts with amino groups on proteins or other molecules (Fig. 1). This kit contains all the reagents necessary for labeling. Each tube of HiLyte Fluor 555 can label up to 200 μg of IgG, conjugating about 4 to 6 HiLyte Fluor 555 molecules per IgG molecule. The labeling process is simple-add the NH2-reactive HiLyte Fluor 555 to IgG solution on a membrane and incubate at 37ºC for 10 minutes. The excess HiLyte Fluor 555 molecules can be removed by a filtration tube. The excitation and emission wavelengths of the HiLyte Fluor 555-labeled IgG are 555 nm and 570 nm, respectively (Fig. 2).* HiLyte Fluor is a trademark of AnaSpec, Inc.

Fig. 1 Fluorescence Spectrum of HiLyte Fluor 555-conjugated IgG

Fig. 2 Fluorescence spectrum of HiLyte Fluor 555-conjugated IgG
______excitation spectrum
______emission spectrum

♦ The molecular weight of the protein to be labeled with this kit should be greater than 50,000.
♦ IgG or HiLyte Fluor 555-conjugated IgG is always on the membrane of the filtration tube during the labeling process.
♦ If the IgG solution contains other proteins with molecular weights greater than than 10,000, such as BSA or gelatin, purify the IgG solution before labeling HiLyte Fluor 555 with this kit. IgG solution can be purified by IgG Purification Kits (not included in this kit).
♦ If the IgG solution contains small insoluble materials, centrifuge the solution and use the supernatant for the labeling.

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Can I use this kit for other proteins?

Yes, if the molecular weight is greater than 50,000.

Do I have to use a Filtration tube prior to labeling the protein?

If the protein solution does not contain small molecules with an amino group and the concentration of the protein is 10 mg per ml, or about 70 μM, there is no need to use the Filtration tube. Mix 10 μl of the sample solution with 90 μl of Reaction buffer and add 8 μl NH2-reactive HiLyte Fluor 555 (prepared at step 3) to

How long is the HiLyte Fluor 555-labeled protein stable?

If you store at 4oC, it is stable for over 2 months. For longer storage, add 100% volume of glycerol, aliquot, and store at -20oC. However, please note that stability depends on the protein itself.

What is the minimum amount of IgG that can be labeled by this kit?

The minumum amount of IgG is 10 μg. For less than 20 μg, follow the manual and add 4 μl NH2-reactive HiLyte Fluor 555 instead of 8 μl at step 4.

Can I use this kit to label oligonucleotides or peptides?

No. Oligonucleotides and peptides may be too small to retain on the membrane filter of the Filtration tube.

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